Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential – Your Body’s Best Investment in Osaka.

A Symphony of Relaxation: Thai Massage, Aromatherapy, and Karsai Nei Tsang.

 Krathoorm brings you to your unforgottable experience with many kinds of Asian relaxation menu such as Thai massage, Karsai Nei Tsang (genital), Aromaoil, Bodycare (Body Scrub etc), Facial, and more.

Experience the Art of Thai Massage by a Certified Therapist with 700 Hours of Training, 6,000 smiles and counting since 2009.

It’ll be a best choice in Osaka if you seek the genuine, comfortable, professional massage by Male Therapist, who has enough experience both of training (more than 700 hours in Thailand or some other asian countries) and more than 6,000 customers since 2009, then also gay friendly therapist (NOT including sexual service).

Easy Access,
located the city-center in Osaka
-Your Journey to Relaxation Begins Here!

Krathoom waits you at a convenience place only one stop from Osaka (Umeda) station, where cozy space and cordially warmful Japanese hospitality.

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Experience the Healing Power of Thai Mastery in Every Session, strong but smooth.

Enjoy your relax time with various approach for your stiffness such as thumb press, stretching, aroma oil techniques.

You have some options like bodycare (bodyscrub), abdominal therapy etc.
ALL Course includes Jap Karsai (Genital basic techniques)

90min  16,000JPY
(Aroma Bodywork+Jap Karsai)

120min 19,000JPY
(Aroma Bodywork+Jap Karsai)

150min 22,000JPY
(Classic (Thai&Aroma bodywork)+Jap Karsai)

180min 25,000JPY 
(Classic (Thai&Aroma bodywork)+Jap Karsai)

210min 28,000JPY 
(Classic (Thai&Aroma bodywork)+Jap Karsai)

240min 31,000JPY 
(Classic (Thai&Aroma bodywork)+Jap Karsai)

Bodywork details


“Karsai Nei Tsang: The Hidden Gem of Relaxation in Osaka.”
-Exclusive techniques for menself body.

Sharpen up your MEN’S genital functions by the special hidden techniques, Karsai Nei Tsang or Jap Karsai from Thailand.
MEN’S WORK is a Krathoorm original methods which consists mixture techniques of Aroma or Thai bodywork or other several Eastern or Western techniques which built after the “RE-Design project” which held in 2018.

No.1 recommended menu of Krathoorm is 180min course.

 60min 13,000JPY
(Jap Karsai)

 90min 16,000JPY
(Karsai Nei Tsang LITE)

120min 19,000JPY
(Karsai Nei Tsang)

150min 22,000JPY
(MEN’S Sweet LITE (Aroma Bodywork and Karsai Nei Tsang)) 

180min 25,000JPY
(MEN’S Sweet (Aroma Bodywork and Karsai Nei Tsang))

210min 28,000JPY
(MEN’S Happy LITE (Aroma & Thai Bodywork and Karsai Nei Tsang))

240min 31,000JPY
(MEN’S Happy (Aroma & Thai Bodywork and Karsai Nei Tsang))

 Men’swork details

How to book

STEP 1  Select Menu 

STEP 2  Make sure available time at “Check Availability” link.

STEP 3  Contact by WhatsAPP(recommend) ,phone or form(until 4H before) in advance

NOTICE 1  Reservation will complete after replying from krathoorm (NOT complete only sending your message)

NOTICE 2 Do Contact by phone in case of Cancellation or modify your booking, before 2H prior(previous day if it starts in the morning time or Tuesday, Busy Days) your booking time.

※日本人の方は不可(Foreingers ONLY) 
You can contact through “WhatsApp”.(recommend) 
(NOTE: Same day booking may be hard to contact, Please contact as soon as possible) 

Please send your booking information(details) 
1 Your Name 
2 Booking Time (ex: 21:00 on 1st Jan) 
3 Booking Course (ex: Men’s work 180min) 
4 Confirm the all booking conditions of this page. 

WhatsAPP (Same as phone number) 
+81 90 1718 7074 

 WhatsAPP Operating from around 10AM to 24PM 

CAUTION: Krathoorm will NOT REPLY for the message that NOT included details above 
 (ex, only saying hello or confirming availability (Please read carefully this page again, you can easily find Krathoorm’s availability page)) 
If you ask some question about session etc, Please contact freely in advance early. 

Krathoorm takes major credit cards, VISA, Master, Union Pay cards, etc.

If you pay by Japanese Yen Cash, You can get 1000eCredit (the value of 1000JPY) then you use eCredit at the same time.